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Low Level Light Therapy

The GRT LITE™ delivers consistent results.

GRT LITE™Designed specifically for Neurological Rehabilitation, the GRT LITE™ has been found to be an extremely effective low level light therapy device.

The GRT LITE™ is used exclusively by Lost Creek Chiropractic because we have found it promotes the best results.

Light therapy is used in Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation to stimulate the Nervous System. We have found that low level light therapy activates Neurological Function. Our clinical experience has also demonstrated that a patient will rehabilitate faster and hold their corrections longer, when light therapy is used during their sessions. Our bodies use light to communicate and stimulate function. For example, we absorb sunlight to create vitamin D. Our cells emit light when performing certain cellular functions. Light therapy is well documented for the stimulation of ATP (cellular energy) production, lymphocyte activity (cellular detoxification), increased circulation and tissue oxygenation. Low level light therapy has been researched and in use since the 1960’s. It has been used alone and in conjunction with surgical and medical procedures for many years.