Lost Creek Chiro | FAQ
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How much does a visit cost at Lost Creek Chiropractic?

We get this question several times per day. This question is difficult to answer with any specific numbers. What really is the question? Will Dr. Rump help me for the amount of money I will be spending? In the office we do not have set fees for everybody. The determining factor is the severity of your individual illness, injury or condition and how long you have had it. That is why Dr. Rump always starts with a conversation and your unique situation will be discussed in its entirety and at that time fees will be addressed. Cost and care will also be discussed at the consultation and you can make a decision at that time without any cost or obligation. In this office this visit is called our complimentary consultation.

What are the hours at Lost Creek Chiropractic?

The office is typically open: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday; 8:30 – 5:30 Closed for Lunch 12-1 and Tuesday 9:00 – 1:00. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Can Dr.Rump help me?

We recognize the fact that your illness, injury, and/or conditions are unique to you. At Lost Creek Chiropractic we utilize our 3-point complimentary consultation. In our 3-point consultation, your situation will be discussed in depth and Dr. Rump will inform you if the care he provides may or may not help you.

Will Lost Creek Chiropractic accept my insurance?

Our office will perform a complimentary benefits check on your insurance, to verify what your particular benefits are. Good fences make good neighbors so all the fees and finances are always agreed on before any services are performed.

Can Dr.Rump speak to my group or organization?

Dr. Rump enjoys speaking to many groups. Just call or email the office to confirm availability.

I have been in a car accident will Dr.Rump see me?

Yes we can. We will also work with your attorney if that need also arises.