Lost Creek Chiro | 3 Items That Could Change Your Posture
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3 Items That Could Change Your Posture

3 Items That Could Change Your Posture

Your posture is your window to your spine and nervous system.Tweet this!


Today, I want to talk to you about the 3 most important items, I found in my practice, that could change your posture. When your posture will change, your energy will increase, your fatigue will decrease and your mood will improve. That’s my purpose!


How do you know if you have good or bad posture? Tweet this!


It’s as simple as finding a full-length mirror, standing in the middle of it, having your feet shoulder-width apart, and toes in a line. Just kind of stand there and relax, close your eyes and nod a few times. Without opening your eyes, stop and stand normal. Now, without moving, open your eyes and evaluate. Draw an imaginary plumb line from the middle of your forehead, between your eyes, through your nose, through the middle of your chin, all the way down between your ankles.


postureNow look at your pelvis first. Is one side off compared to the other? Is one side in front of the other one?


Just move up to your shoulders, then look at your head. You can easily see rotation. One ear will show more than the other ear. One side of your pelvis will be bigger than the other. Just make a note of it. Look for the big distortions, not the little ones, don’t get hung up on the details; just look for what is easy observe.


I want to make a note here, the clear majority of us, already have forward head posture, meaning our ears are in front of our shoulders. These postural distortions are results of many reasons; an accident, an injury, condition, etc., so we all have them, more or less. The why you have them is not important. Once you identify them, once you know that your head is leaning forward of your shoulders, you want to pull your head backwards, retracting your chin. You need to repeat this whenever you exercise.


These are called mirror imaging exercises.Tweet this!


posture-2If one shoulder is higher than the other one, an easy exercise is to raise the other one up. Start in the morning. Hold it up for ten seconds, relax then repeat. Do it 15 times. That’s 150 seconds. Now I want you to do it in the evening as well. Same way, analyze your posture, do it again. That’s five minutes a day to identify and do the stretches to correct it.


Give it four, six, possibly up to nine months depending on how big your distortions are. It will take time to correct it. Remember, anything is a cinch, inch by inch. Your posture will change; that’s the result you want. There is a treatment modality that could decrease this time and increase your healing from the inside out, that is what we are about. We thrive to add life to your years.


That treatment modality is chiropractic. If you have a chiropractor, go talk to him or her about it. Ask for your nervous system to be hooked up. Ask them to give you specific exercises for your posture. If you don’t have a chiropractor, go get one. Interview them and ensure that you are on the same page.


I’m a leader in the chiropractic profession; I’ve never met a chiropractor that I would not allow to take care of me and my family. There are different chiropractors for different things. Interview them. Find one that can change your posture, hook up your nervous system.


posture-3Your nervous system is your master control system of your body.Tweet this!


If your nervous system is working correctly (that’s what posture is all about) it will communicate within itself so your body can heal itself. If you do that, you will truly add years to your life.


This is my passion. I’ve been doing this for 25 years.


Go ahead and start; don’t get hung up on anything. Remember anything is a cinch, inch by inch.


Dr. Tony Rump


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